We kicked off Safety Net Clinic Week 2015!
We kicked off SNCW 2015 on August 13, 2015 with a celebration at Clinica Tepeyac and a reading of the SNCW Proclamation from Governor Hickenlooper. Check out the press release!
Community Safety Net Clinics serving people in need deserve our attention
Take a look at the latest ClinicNET Conversations blog post in celebration of Safety Net Clinic Week 2015! Each month ClinicNET Executive Director, Sharon Adams, will blog about a topic relevant to the health care environment that impacts our affiliate clinics. Check it out!
Check out our latest infographic!
Who are Community Safety Net Clinics? Learn more about who they serve, services they provide, funding, and more in our latest 2014 By the Numbers infographic!
What is ClinicNET?
ClinicNET is the centralized voice for Colorado's nonprofit community clinics, free clinics, residency clinics and other safety net providers. Learn More.
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Articles and Publications

Colorado Local Data Workbooks and accompanying Putting the Numbers in Context brief

June 2015 – The Colorado Health Institute

Location, Location, Location: Health Insurance by ZIP Code in Colorado

July 2015 – The Colorado Health Institute

Safety Net Scene Blog

Safety Net Clinic Week 2015 was a great success! There were 10 individual site-visits from elected officials, 7 open houses, 9 proclamations announcing SNCW15 and a full house at our SNCW15 Kickoff Celebration at Clinica Tepeyac!In the latest ClinicNET Conversations blog post, Sharon Adams reflects on the essential services [...]
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The Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care (CCAHC) is looking to gather input from you in order to help inform them on the various aspects you think are affecting cost within the health care system. Help start a larger dialogue about health care delivery by providing commissioners with responses to [...]
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“SIRUM is trying to get a sense of prescription drug need among Colorado's Community Safety Net Clinics via this very brief survey: link.sirum.org/clinicNET. SIRUM's program allows clinic pharmacies to create and share a formulary of medications needed. They then connect clinics with a network of institutional medicine donors that have [...]
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“The Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC) is now taking orders from community-based organizations (CBOs) for free materials that can be used for outreach and education of criminal-justice involved individuals and their families via the Take Care Health Matters project. The resources include a palm card, a poster, and a [...]
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