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Take a look at the latest ClinicNET Conversations blog post! This month Brooke Powers discusses about the Colorado Primary Care Alliance and our advocacy around Medicaid reimbursement rates for primary care. Check it out!
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We wanted to make sure you knew why ClinicNET -- along with more than 100 community, public health, hospitals and veteran organizations -- is endorsing Amendment 72.By raising the tax on a pack of cigarettes by $1.75 we will drive youth smoking down by 20% and prevent 34,800 youth from [...]
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CCHN was funded by the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund to administer a loan repayment program for clinical support professionals as part of the Preparing the Safety Net for the Future Health Care initiative.Application Cycle: October 17 - November 14, 2016Who Can Apply: Current clinical support staff who [...]
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Click HERE and READ ABOUTInformation on Public Health measuresDetails on Specialized Registries and EHRsResources[Source: CORHIO] [...]
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Weren't able to attend the new Web Portal training sessions?Don't worry, recorded sessions will be available beginning November 14, 2016. These recordings were originally scheduled to be available October 24, 2016. We apologize for any inconvenience.Accessing the Recordings-Access the recordings (on or after November 14, 2016) at: with [...]
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