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Take a look at the latest ClinicNET Conversations blog post! This month Brooke Powers discusses about the Colorado Primary Care Alliance and our advocacy around Medicaid reimbursement rates for primary care. Check it out!
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ClinicNET has cherished its role in advancing health equity, health care access and innovative care delivery. For more than a decade the organization has worked to strengthen Colorado's health care safety net for people in need by supporting Community Safety Net Clinics. ClinicNET has long provided a centralized [...]
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"We're going to grab some free media attention with a volunteer Take A Stand event with 72 Volunteers Standing for Amendment 72 at the Colorado Convention Center this Saturday, October 1st outside the Bellco Theater when 5,000 politically engaged participants show up to attend Trevor Noah's Stand Up Show. [...]
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CCHN was funded by the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Fund to administer a loan repayment program for clinical support professionals as part of the Preparing the Safety Net for the Future Health Care initiative.Application Cycle: October 17 - November 14, 2016Who Can Apply: Current clinical support staff who [...]
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The Primary Care office will soon be establishing the Primary Care Fund Workgroup that had been mentioned at the Annual Stakeholders meeting. This workgroup will offer information and recommendations to the Department on selected topics. They are asking for volunteers, from which 5 or 6 participants will be selected. While [...]
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