7 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat Based on Science

The stubborn belly fat is a nemesis for many. Go through any post or query regarding weight loss and the majority will be about losing that belly fat. Sources like http://www.daily-achiever.com can help.

Here are seven simple ways to lose that stubborn fat based on scientific research and knowledge:

  1. No Sugar – Sugar has a tendency to build up and sit comfortably around your midriff. It is not easy to digest this component in your food and drinks. The liver turns excess fructose into fat that takes time to burn. All carbonated and sweetened drinks are very high on sugar, hence have to be avoided.
  2. More Protein – This is a crucial macronutrient that not only reduces your cravings for food to a great extent but also increases your metabolic rate. Higher you metabolic rate and lesser food you consume, lesser will be the fat available for your body to burn to produce energy. As a result, fat stored around your belly will be burnt to give your body that extra energy.
  3. No Carbs – Carbs is again a no-no when it comes to a diet to help you reduce belly fat. Carbs are difficult to burn and though our bodies need a little number of carbs to sustain and carry on with our daily routine, cutting this element from your diet will make your body dig into the stored fat to produce energy.
  4. More Exercise – When you exercise, focusing only on abdomen related workouts will not suffice. These will only help you tone the abdomen area. When you want to burn the fat already present there, you need to do more of cardio. Heavy cardio workouts along with abdomen exercises will help you reduce the fat and tone up the muscles faster.
  5. More Fiber – Fiber is again a great source of energy without adding the fat element to the body. It is slow in digesting, hence providing your body with more energy for a longer period of time and ensuring you don’t feel hungry too often.
  6. Track – Track what you eat if you want to see immediate results. Tracking what you eat and how much you exercise will help you understand what you can eat and what your body burns on a daily basis.
  7. Water – Drinking up more water can help in better digestion and also keep you from eating unnecessarily. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating unnecessarily. When your body is not dehydrated, it can function better.

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