How eat bread on a weight loss plan and still lose weight

Weight loss can be done by using whole grain bread instead of using white bread. But eating a large quantity of bread will lead to weight gain. If you want to lose weight and if you are a bread lover means by taking recommended portions of the bread as a calorie meal plan.

Bread and satiety

According to the research published in Nutricoin Hospitalaria, bread not only reduces the weight but also boosts the satiety. Whole grain bread has the low glycaemic index and makes you feel full for a longer period. There is a number of Delicious ways to use bread.

Calories in bread

About 65-80 calories are found to be present in one slice of the bread. Bread is not having high calories but eating large quantities will hinder the weight loss. You can shed nearly 1 -2 pounds weekly by taking calories fewer than 500-1000 calories than the normal intake. For women they can lose weight by the intake of about 1200 calories whereas for men they require 1500 calories daily for the safe weight loss and health will not be affected.

Choose whole grain bread for weight loss over white bread. Both the white bread and whole grain bread have the same calories. The reason for using whole grain bread is it contains high fiber content and slightly high protein than the white bread.And these protein and fiber is the reason for satiating qualities. As fibers will not be absorbed completely it is found to be an excellent weight loss meal plan.

Recommended quantity

Depending upon your requirement of weight loss calorie you have to consume the amount of bread or the other grains during the weight loss plan. Whole grain is the best for the weight management. Taking whole grain bread for your diet will destroy the accumulation of the abdominal fat.…

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