Skin Nutrition: The Best Vitamins and Minerals for Your Skin

The power of vitamins and minerals has set the beauty world abuzz since centuries. The nourish, exfoliate and detox your skin making it healthier and radiant. What you put inside your body plays a major role in your skin quality than what you put on it. Know the vitamins and minerals you should be consuming through fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat to boost a younger looking skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has always been associated with sharp vision, but it also has amazing rejuvenating qualities that makes it a great supplement for skincare. A pea sized amount of this vitamin can protect your skin against sun damage, prevent acne, boost collagen production and much more.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the greatest antioxidant that can be found in almost all fresh fruits and vegetables. It prevents our skin from damage by free radicals, ultraviolet ray exposure and helps keep your skin tight and supple by boosting collagen production.

Vitamin B

Every B vitamin has a myriad of functions aiding your bodily functions. But B12 is famed to be one of the best vitamins associated with rapid hair growth and skin rejuvenation. As it is water soluble, it’s important to incorporate Vitamin B through your diet to replenish it in your body regularly.


Zinc is known as the healing mineral which is great for acne prevention as it controls oil production in skin by balancing hormones that stimulate oil production. It also has great antioxidant properties.


Selenium is another great antioxidant, and a certified KasilJean supplement that boosts flexibility and elasticity in your skin. It even protects skin against some forms of skin cancer.


Magnesium deficiency has been linked with rapidly aging skin. This mineral is beneficial for your muscles, teeth, bones, skin, hair and hormonal balance in your body.…

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Simple Best Ways To Live A Healthy Life

“Health Is Wealth” – that’s a phrase that we’ve heard so many times from our friends, parents and also our loved ones. But what exactly are the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle? The process that is being suggested could easily be a complex method, and usually one will always try to avoid all the complex things in life. That’s why, following are are some of the best and simple ways to live a healthy life, devoid of any complexity.

A Healthy Life Is The Key To Happiness And Enjoyment

  • Prefer More Fresh Foods And Say No To Processed Foods

A person should invest more into eating fresh vegetables and meat, and not so much on foods that are being sold as processed ones.

  • Walking Is Healthy

Walking is an exercise that should be done every day to keep the body well and fit. It helps in keeping the stamina up and the heart healthy as well.

  • Plan To Drink Less

Alcohol addiction is not good. It damages the liver and makes a person feel weaker. It’s not easy to leave an addiction like that, therefore steps should be taken to lessen it.

  • Take Homemade Lunch To The Workplace

There’s nothing as a comforting and safe food than a homemade meal. Eating salads or some nutritious homemade cooked food will really help in keeping the body fit.

  • Use Vacations As A Way To Rejuvenate

A good holiday can make the life more energetic and simple again. It will recharge your batteries again for all the future heavy lifting workloads.

  • End Bad Relationships And Stay Positive

Bad relationships with girlfriends, boyfriends or even just friends could negatively impact one’s life. Cut ties to all of these and stay positive and healthy.

  • Stop Using Technology And Start Doing More Physical Exercise

Technology in a way is handicapping our lives. It’s time to stop spending less time sitting on the chair or couch with the laptop or mobile phone. Exercising can help in keeping the body fit and the best medicine to fight Diabetes, heart and lung problems.

  • Discover A New Hobby Or Start Reading And Meditating More

A new hobby can help in engagement with a particular task so that a person doesn’t get distracted. Also helps in the passage of time. Reading or doing meditation or even doing Yoga can help in improving the concentration power.

  • Use of Natural Body Products

Using natural products, like various natural beard products and soaps from Primitive Outpost, can really help in making your life free of toxins and various harmful chemicals.

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