Excuses for Leaving School Early

There are situations that you cannot stay at school and badly want to go home. May be you had an upsetting fight with your best friend or some unpleasant family situation is bothering you. All these would certainly leave you devastated for some time and you feel like leaving school as early as possible. What are the excuses you can give that would convince the school authority to let you go for the day? Reading the f-origin.com article will help you learn some workable excuses for school.

Faking a headache

You will have to inform friends around you that you are feeling uneasy and your neck is somewhat stiff. If you do not want your friends know that you are faking a headache probably you will have to start acting early.

Father is not at home

You can tell your teacher that your father is out of city and you have to help your mother in getting a bank work done.

Birthday party

You can tell your teacher that it is your birthday today and want to leave school whole as your parents have arranged a party at home.

Doctor appointment

Tell your teacher that you have a family doctor appointment today where all members in your family are having a checkup. Therefore you need to leave the school early so that you do not miss the appointment and arrive at the clinic on time.

Food poisoning

Tell your teacher that you are having a terrible stomach pain and make frequent bathroom visits. Put up a face that you are tired and sick. Probably your teacher will ask you to leave school early.

Religious event

Tell your teacher that you have an important religious event arranged at your home where all your relatives will participate and you need to leave school early to get ready for the event.…

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