Common Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

You might be standing on the scale, wondering why you have not lost any more weight in the meantime. I’ve been trying to shed weight for so long! I’ve literally not eaten anything heavy in weeks! These are common things I hear from many of my clients who just can’t lose weight for some reason, and it is right that it is truly frustrating beyond comprehension to have to deal with this sort of annoyance. This is why we’ve created this quick article that can tell you common reasons why people are not losing weight as quickly as they want or expect to.

First things first, most people will lose weight more quickly when they are more fat. When you are more fat, the weight you’ve built on can be shed easier, this means that as you get skinnier, the amounts of fat you will lose for each bit of exercise you do will lower as the basic economic law of diminishing marginal returns start kicking in. Although you may have expected that you would’ve continued the initial rate of weight loss, the truth is that weight loss is not a linear process and there will be significant walls that you will bump into as your journey progresses.

Second is that your body may have stopped shedding weight as a response to increasing carbohydrate consumption, this actually happens quite a lot because carbs slow down the process of glycogen depletion and make it more difficult for your body to remain in a fat burning state. For this reason, try going on a keto diet for a week or so and see how you’re able to lose weight on that.

You can also try things like forskolin or Garcinia Cambogia, here, read some easy to understand garcinia cambogia reviews to learn more about that.

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