Is Male Menopause for Real? Everything You Need to Know

Whatever name you give, the fact remains that the human body starts to age slowly. The process is affected by the environment that we live in, the food intake and the exercise routine that we follow. Some people start to look old at a very young age. On the other hand, there are men who run marathons at the age of 60 and 70 years.

The body clock starts to slow down the body after a certain age. The hormone secretions also change and alter the dynamics of the body. Exercise regime, work, and family-related stress play an important role in this change in the male bodies and this can be equated with the menopause stage of women. Some men see very prominent changes in their sexual drive, happiness and satisfaction and relationships and these can be tackled if they accept that male problem are as real as menopause. Find a counselor if you cannot handle the pressure and take nutritional masculina guidance.

This is a fact of life that hormonal secretions change with age. The biggest difference between the female menopause and male Andropause is that in men this is a gradual process and the level of male hormones declines slowly, while in women it may happen suddenly. The level of testosterone keeps declining from the time they reach their forties and the process may go on till they reach their 80s.

Some of the symptoms are reduced sexual drive, fatigue, memory loss, sleep problems, and depression and these may have to be handled more sensitively as we do in the case of women. The problem with andropause is that many men reject to accept the changes happening in their bodies and may blame them on others or refuse any counseling.

The fact remains that male menopause is real and happens to be a part of the aging process. This is normal and should be accepted graciously. Regular exercising, balanced nutrition, and sympathetic behavior will help to face the challenges that come with the onset of old age. Be graceful about the changes in the body that happen naturally with age.

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