The Ultimate Guide: How to Avoid Dehydration Onboard

Sailing may be a part of your job or simply, you are visiting distant lands as part of fulfilling your dreams by hiring the 4 yacht. While it is interesting to watch the sun gleaming and creating the silver lines on the water surface, you may not be knowing that you itself is dehydrating due to the scorch rays of the sun. Also, there are people who experience seasickness and start vomiting thereby losing the fluid content of their body.

Facts to know

  1. For a normal human body to functioning, it needs about two liters of water which is almost 8 to 16 glasses of water. Apart from the drinking water taken as such, the fluid content of the vegetables and fruits along with the drinks are also included in this category.
  2. Further, the common symptoms of body dehydration include
  • Discoloration of urine. The normal color of the urine is almost pale yellow and any darker shades than this can be considered as a result of low water content in the body.
  • Body pain is another sign as it is usually accompanied by muscle cramps, headaches, and You may even feel dizziness if you have completely drained off.
  • Redness in the eye is another sign to be noted and your skin especially the lips get dried off and even may get peeled away.
  • Inability to take a decision or the state where you cannot properly think of a solution can be related to the problems caused by water deficiency.

How to overcome the situation?

  • Replenish yourself by taking a glass of pure water in between regular intervals.
  • Also, try to munch on a juicy fruit like apple or watermelon that supplies you the adequate fluid for your body.
  • Additionally, make sure you never skip your meals as this could lead to gastric issues and may make you vomit.
  • If any severe and prolonged dehydration signs exist like fast pulse beating or so, immediately take the medical advice.

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